Micronutrient Test for Preventive Healthcare

Our health is dependent on the cellular level of various nutrients. When these nutrients are out of balance in the body, that can result in feeling crummy, accelerated aging, and even developing certain conditions. Today I want to tell you about a test that measures the level of these various nutrients in our cells, which can clue us into why certain symptoms may be present, or a certain condition has developed. This information can help us make specific adjustments to our diet and supplement regimen, which will help us achieve a higher level of health so we can feel better, and more fully enjoy life!

Micronutrient Test

Today I want to share information with you about a test called a Micronutrient test. This test measures the intracellular levels of various nutrients in our bodies, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, as well as other metabolites. Identifying deficiencies in these nutrients can be helpful in understanding why certain symptoms or conditions may be present.

We are all different, and unique, which is why this test is so valuable. It gives us information about our individual ability to process and utilize the nutrients we’re getting from our food and supplements.

Getting Answers

The very basic knowledge we can gain from this test is whether our body is getting the nutrients it needs for optimal health. But the information goes much beyond this. For example, the test can tell us how the body metabolizes carbohydrates, which can be a signal that you are predisposed to diabetes. It also tells us how the immune system is responding, which could be very helpful information if you struggle with arthritis or frequent infections. 

This test could also be very helpful for someone that struggles with stubborn migraine headaches, because it measures cellular levels of coenzyme Q10, Vitamin B2, and magnesium - all of which could be potential underlying causes for migraine headaches. When you know what your body’s susceptibilities are, it’s much easier to make specific adjustments to your food and supplements to overcome those vulnerabilities.

True Preventive Healthcare

True preventive healthcare means taking care of our bodies in a way that prevents conditions from developing. It means providing our bodies with the internal environment for optimal health so we can feel great, and fully enjoy life. This test is a very helpful way to do that, because it tells us where our inadequacies are so we can provide our bodies with the specific nutrients needed to achieve that higher level of health.

If this sounds like something you think you need, or you know someone you think could benefit from this test, give me a call (630-324-6019) or shoot me an email ([email protected]) and I’d be happy to get you taken care of. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, and remember to share this information with your friends!

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