What Exactly is a Keto-Paleo Diet?

I often recommend and talk about a keto-paleo style of eating, so naturally a question I am often asked is “What is a keto-paleo style of eating?” It’s a great question! There is so much info circulating out there about keto-paleo, and it can be hard (and time-consuming!) to navigate through everything. Others may describe this style of eating differently, but I am going to explain the way I use this term in my life and in my Reset & Revitalize program. Watch the video below and read on for more!

Keto-Paleo Diet


The term keto is short for ketogenic and is used to describe the macronutrient content of your food - meaning, the amount of carbs, fats and proteins in your diet. A ketogenic style of eating has a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate macronutrient makeup. This way of eating encourages your metabolism to burn fat instead of sugar or glucose. Fat is burned in the form of ketones, hence the term keto or ketogenic.


Paleo is used to describe the specific foods our ancestors ate and the foods for which our genetics are optimized. Paleo foods include quality meat and organ meat, seafood, eggs from pasture-raised chickens, vegetables, fruits, and raw nuts and seeds. A paleo diet avoids refined grains, sugar, legumes, and processed foods.

Paleo also excludes dairy. I typically recommend avoiding most dairy, with a few exceptions: grass-fed butter and ghee. You can watch my video on dairy to learn why dairy can be problematic.


To summarize, ketogenic refers to the macronutrient makeup of your food: high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate. Paleo refers to the specific foods that make up this dietary pattern. So, a keto-paleo style of eating includes eating quality meat and organ meat, seafood, pasture raised eggs, low-carbohydrate vegetables and fruits, and raw nuts and seeds with an emphasis on consuming healthy fats and limiting the high carbohydrate fruits and vegetables. 

Eating keto-paleo can yield fantastic health benefits, such as increased energy levels and improved metabolism, so it’s a style of eating that I personally follow and also recommend in the meal plans for my Reset & Revitalize program.

In the Reset & Revitalize program, I walk you through, step-by-step, how to achieve your best health and overcome your health struggles using keto paleo meal plans, recipes, workouts, and educational videos that can help you live a more revitalized life. I want you to have the kind of health that allows you to enjoy life to the fullest, so the program was created to help you in that process. Click here to learn more.

Dr. Nicole keto-paleo diet

I hope you found this post helpful in understanding what a keto-paleo style of eating is. If you have any questions, or anything that you want to hear about, make sure to comment below so I can do my best to help you live your life feeling revitalized!

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