Blood Sugar and Mood Swings

Have you ever been so hungry you felt nauseous or even like you might pass out? Has your hunger ever made you feel angry? Do you know what the term ‘hangry’ feels like? If you know what I’m talking about, just know that you’re not alone! I’ve been there too, and know what that struggle feels like. But I think when we understand why we feel a certain way, it helps us overcome that struggle. Understanding the WHY helps us identify the HOW of fixing our problems. Read on, or listen to the short video for more on the WHY.

Metabolic Inflexibility

So why do some people have mood swings, and feel hangry, or ill when they go for a long period of time without eating? It’s because of a broken metabolism, otherwise called metabolic inflexibility.

Our cells can either use glucose to make energy, or they can use fat (in the form of ketones) to make energy. When someone has metabolic inflexibility, or a broken metabolism, it means they can’t easily switch from burning one form of fuel to the other; they can’t easily go from burning glucose to burning fat. So when a person goes through mood swings and physically doesn’t feel well after 4 hours of not eating, that’s their body screaming for sugar because their cells don’t have the metabolic flexibility required to use fat as a fuel source when the sugar isn’t available!  

Take Control of Your Blood Sugar

So HOW do we get to the place of not having that emotional roller coaster tied to our hunger? We fix the metabolism. We develop metabolic flexibility. We get our body efficient at burning fat, as well as glucose (or sugar). We restore a healthy blood glucose and insulin response. We do things that restore insulin sensitivity, like exercise. We nourish our body with a ketogenic paleo style of eating full of healthy, low carb foods that won’t spike our blood sugar. We take control of our blood sugar so our blood sugar doesn’t take control of us! If you think you might be struggling with a broken metabolism, or metabolic inflexibility, leave me a comment, and make sure to share this with a friend that you think might be metabolically inflexible. Let me know what questions you have about this, and let’s work on developing metabolic flexibility together, so we can end the hanger and the mood swings.  

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